Personal injury is an area of the law that deals with the consequences of a person’s negligent actions. Driving distracted, failing to properly secure a pet, and improper maintenance of a property are all examples of situations that can directly lead to the harm of another person. Along with causing physical damage to a person’s body, personal injury can also entail a mental and emotional component, which often go on to have lasting negative effects on the victim.

In Santa Fe, the personal injury attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC use their extensive case history to help clients fight for the justice they deserve. When pursuing damages for negligent wrongdoing, the first step is to understand what kinds of compensation can be sought.

What Is Economic Recovery?

Of course, victims of accidents would most likely wish to go back to a time before the incident ever occurred. Because that’s not a possibility, accident victims must seek damages, which are monetary rewards aimed at compensating a person for different types of loss. Legal compensation helps from a practical perspective, as you’ll likely have medical bills and lost wages to contend with.

Damages can also be sought for intangible reasons. If your injuries led to a loss of enjoyment from life in general or jeopardized your relationship with a husband or wife, you may be able to seek damages for pain and suffering. Damages can also be sought for mental and emotional distress, disability, disfigurement, or medical treatments yet to come.

How Can a New Mexico Attorney Help?

Even if you can readily identify your injuries, properly calculating the right amount of damages is tricky. Each case is different, which means that what worked for one client will not necessarily work for the next. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC understands this implicitly, which is why they take great pains to provide personalized legal assistance to each and everyone of their clients.

They also have experience in a broad range of personal injury cases. Their previous case history includes but is not limited to:

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If another person’s negligent actions have resulted in an injury to you or someone you love, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC provides reliable, personalized assistance to its clients that is crucial in making a successful recovery. Call 505.832.3411 today for more information or contact us online to get answers to questions about your case.

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