These days, most divorces couples in Santa Fe have a joint custody arrangement. While these arrangements are thought to be more beneficial for children, they can also be quite complex from a legal perspective when disputes arise.

Our team of family law attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC have extensive experience in the area of child custody and visitation. If you’re seeking joint custody, we’ll help you prepare your case to ensure it’s presented in the best possible light. We’ll also increase your understanding of how custody cases are normally decided.

How the Best Interests of the Child Are Determined

Custody cases in New Mexico and elsewhere around the country are decided with the best interests of the child in mind. While the actual factors can vary from court to court, in general judges will consider the following when deciding:

  • Whether a parent can satisfy a child’s materials needs (such as shelter, food, clothing, etc.)
  • How mentally and physically healthy a parent is
  • Whether there are allegations of abuse or neglect
  • The bonds between the child and his/her parents, as well as the bonds between other family members living in the home

The overriding goal is to establish a safe, healthy, and loving environment for the child. Accordingly, children may also be asked to testify on their desired custody arrangement. This is usually only a factor with older children, as young kids might lack the wisdom to make an appropriate decision.

Types of Joint Custody Arrangements

There is no one-size-fits-all custody arrangement that can be provided to families. It’s often up to the divorcing spouses to determine what type of arrangement works best for them and their children. This can be based on things like work obligations, schooling, and any extracurricular activity the children participate in.

For example, some parents utilize alternating weekly schedules, meaning children will live with one parent one week and the other parent the next. This alternating schedule may be expanded to two weeks, especially if parents live a distance from one another. Other families might prefer to switch custody every few days or so. The choice is yours to make, and it should be made with multiple considerations in mind.

We Will Support Your Child Custody Decisions

Whether you’re having trouble establishing your case or can’t seem to decide on a workable child custody arrangement, our family law attorneys are poised and ready to assist you.

When working with Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC, Santa Fe clients will be guided on what sort of information to present to establish your parental quality. We’ll also assist you in understanding the best interest standards courts use to decide custody cases. Learn more about family law issues by visiting our website. If you’d like to discuss your case, please call 505.832.3411 to schedule a consultation.

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