Also known as spousal support, alimony are monies paid by one spouse to another after a divorce takes place. Alimony payments allow the spouse in receipt of these payments to maintain the same sort of lifestyle he or she enjoyed prior to the marriage ending.

This legal topic is often complex, as there are many factors to consider when distributing spousal support. It’s also contentious, especially when the spouse tasked with making payments feels the amount is unjust. In Santa Fe, NM, Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC is here to help you navigate complex issues related to the financial aspects of divorce.

How Alimony Payments Are Calculated

In order for alimony payments to be considered, one spouse must request it during the divorce proceedings. From here, the court will look at a number of factors to determine whether payments should be made and how much payments should be.

The length of the marriage is often considered, with marriages longer in duration more likely to involve spousal support payments. The court will also look as the living expenses incurred by each spouse, as well as their respective incomes. Other factors include the age of each spouse and the way in which marital assets were divided between them.

The Duration of Alimony Payments

How long alimony must be paid is another issue to consider. In some cases, payments will be instated from the time of the divorce until the other spouse remarries or becomes deceased. This is the usually the case for marriages that were long in duration where one spouse was primarily responsible for financially supporting the family.

Spousal support may also be enacted on a short-term basis. In this situation, payments might be mandated for a temporary period to help one spouse get settled financially. In other cases, support may be provided until the spouse is ready to take on gainful employment, which usually occurs after undergoing training or schooling of some kind.

We Can Help You With Alimony Issues

Whether you’re requesting alimony or being ordered to make payments, having a reliable attorney on your side is a must. Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC provides just that to its Santa Fe clients, so you can rest assured that your voice is being heard during divorce proceedings.

We’ll help you calculate the proper amount of spousal support based on the details of your marriage, or we can assist you in establishing that the amount of spousal support being requested of your is unfair. Our family law attorneys come prepared with years of litigation experience, which helps them build solid legal strategies for all sorts of clients.

Contact us online today to get answers to your alimony questions. You can also call 505.832.3411 to schedule a consultation at our Santa Fe law office.

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