As a parent, your foremost concern is your child’s safety and wellbeing, which is why signs of abuse or neglect can be cause for alarm. If you suspect that your child is the victim of emotional, physical, verbal or sexual abuse in his or her other parent’s household, you may feel angry, scared and stressed. Though this is an emotional time for you, it is important that you maintain a rational mindset and follow the specific legal procedures for getting your child out of harm’s way. At Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC, we understand that time is of the essence, and we are prepared to act swiftly and aggressively to protect your child.

Types of Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse and neglect take many forms and, unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to prove without testimony from witnesses, photographs or video footage. What is worse is that even if your child comes forth saying that “Mommy hit me” or “Daddy pushed me,” the parent in question may assert his or her actions were “disciplinary” or “accidental.” Our Santa Fe abuse and neglect attorneys will perform a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of your suspicions or your child’s claims. What we look for is evidence of abuse and neglect, which may come in one or more of the following forms:

  • Hitting or slapping a child
  • Pushing or shaking a child
  • Shaking a child
  • Burning a child
  • Emotionally manipulating a child
  • Molesting or sexually abusing a child
  • Depriving a child sufficient food or adequate shelter or clothing
  • Depriving a child of appropriate schooling
  • Depriving a child of adequate medical care

Discovery of evidence that indicates any of the above forms of abuse or neglect can be devastating. However, with the damning evidence in hand, we have a strong chance of removing your child from the harmful situation and ensuring his or her continued safety in your care.

Time Is of the Essence

Child abuse and neglect can have long-term ramifications on your child’s mental and physical health. Children of abuse demonstrate social, behavioral and personality issues that continue into adulthood. Many adults who were abused as children live with depression, anxiety, aggression and apathy. Sadly, the cycle often continues, as adults who were abused go on to abuse their own children. For these reasons, and for the immediate safety and wellbeing of your child, it is essential that you act on your suspicions of neglect. If the investigation yields nothing, you can at least have peace of mind, even if it does make things tense between you and your child’s other parent. If your suspicions are correct, however, you saved your child from having to endure further harm.

Aggressive Advocacy for Children’s Rights

New Mexico has several laws in place designed to protect the health and wellbeing of defenseless children. Our attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC use those laws to help parents and caring families remove children from dangerous situations. If you have even an inkling that your child is not safe in his or her other home, reach out to our Santa Fe law office today.

Dedicated Advocacy. Meaningful Results.

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