Whiplash (and other neck and back injuries) often cause chronic pain that may last a lifetime. The possibility that pain may persist after physical healing is complete makes it imperative that you seek the expert legal help of the personal injury attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC. Our team has the experience and skill it takes to properly value your claim and fight for full compensation.

Understanding Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash occurs when your neck (cervical spine) is whipped forward and backward with excessive force, usually as a result of impact. Whiplash is commonly suffered by auto accident victims who have been rear-ended, but there are other causes of whiplash, such as:

Signs and symptoms of whiplash usually become apparent within 24 hours of the accident or event. However, whiplash symptoms are similar to other types of neck and back injuries, which can delay a proper diagnosis.

Whiplash typically does not result in any tissue dislocation or fracture, so physical recovery of the actual injury is relatively short. However, whiplash can cause severe acute (short-term) pain and chronic pain that may require specialized care to manage.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Whiplash injuries, especially if sustained in an accident that resulted in other head trauma, may not be diagnosed right away. Therefore, it can be a challenge to link persistent pain to accident-related injuries, yet this is required to be eligible for compensation under New Mexico personal injury laws.

A personal injury attorney can critically examine your accident and medical records to demonstrate a causal link so that you may seek compensation for your whiplash injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can also adequately value damages—including pain and suffering and the cost of expected future treatments—to make sure that you do not financially suffer from whiplash.

Seek Full Financial Recovery for Your Whiplash Injury

The personal injury attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC in Albuquerque have seen hundreds of whiplash cases, so we know how long the effects of a seemingly minor auto accident can last. Any settlement offer an insurance company makes will almost certainly undervalue the length of treatment you may need as well as chronic pain and emotional distress.

As your personal injury counsel, we make sure you do not forfeit compensation but get the justice you deserve.

Call us today to interview our personal injury team and let us start building a fair claim for your whiplash injury.

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