Sexual assault has a lasting, devastating impact on the people affected by these crimes. A single assault can destroy a person’s confidence, make it difficult to maintain interpersonal relationships, and may even lead to the development of damaging mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Picking up the pieces in the aftermath of a sexual assault is often an uphill battle for many. That’s why finding the right legal support is so important. Here at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC in Albuquerque, we help people face their assailants and abusers by providing reliable legal counsel. Our assistance allows you to focus on your mental and emotional recovery while we handle the practical legal matters related to your case.

Understanding Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults vary a great deal. According to RAINN, sexual assault is defined as any and all sexual contact or behaviors that are enacted without the receipt of explicit consent from the victim. In most of the cases, sexual assault occurs at the hands of a person the victim knows. In the majority of these cases, the person responsible for the assault is an intimate romantic partner, such as a husband or boyfriend.

This only adds to the trauma foisted on the victims when an assault occurs. Sexual assault can also involve elements of violence, which are terrifying all on their own. Many survivors even blame themselves for what occurred, even though the perpetrator is solely responsible for his or her own actions.

Signs of PTSD Following Sexual Assault

PTSD causes assault victims to have recurring flashbacks and emotional responses when reminded of the incident. This condition is also associated with nightmares, memory issues, increased anxiety, avoidance of certain situations, and a feeling of hopelessness. Victims of assault be triggered by relatively normal circumstances. Things like a particular song, certain types of clothing, or even the sound of a person’s voice may recall intrusive thoughts of the assault, which causes the person to relive the events once again.

When experiencing symptoms of PTSD after a traumatic experience, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. Behavioral therapy is often beneficial for people to develop coping mechanisms and know how to handle triggers when they occur.

After sexual assault, protecting your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. We can get you money; however, our goal is to get you help to move on from the trauma.

We Can Help You Move Forward

Along with helping you heal emotionally; you’ll also need assistance in bringing the guilty party to justice. That’s where the New Mexico attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC come in. We proudly support abuse and assault victims by providing personalized legal counsel that delves into the details of their case. The sooner you act against the person responsible for your assault, the sooner you can rest assured that he or she won’t be able to harm another person.

Schedule a consultation today with our Albuquerque attorneys by calling 505.832.3411. You can also contact us to get answers to your urgent legal questions. We’re poised and ready to assist you through one of the most difficult battles of your life.

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