Personal injury law is a very broad practice area that deals with any harm caused to a person’s body, mind or emotions. If you’ve suffered a personal injury, your focus needs to be on your physical and emotional recovery. But that’s difficult to do in the face of mounting expenses.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC can take up the fight for justice on your behalf.

Damages and Liabilities in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law deals with harm to a person, not property (with special exceptions). By the time you seek legal help, your injuries cannot be prevented or undone. So, what you are seeking is compensation for the mental and physical injuries you incurred and restitution (repair or replacement) for those injuries.

In legal terms, you are seeking damages, defined as costs and losses that have occurred as a result of the injury. Damages may include:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages resulting from missed work
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for lifetime effects resulting from the injury

Damages are difficult to calculate because there is no simple formula to convert pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life into dollars. That is why having a personal injury lawyer is so important. Your Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC attorney will ensure that all damages are accounted for and appropriately valued so that you do not unknowingly forfeit compensation.

You also need a skilled personal injury attorney to help you prove liability. Liability is the legal term for responsibility. The liable party or parties are the ones who pay damages.

Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC personal injury attorneys are trained to find and prove liability in other parties, even when liability isn’t immediately clear. We have the expert knowledge of personal injury law and sharp critical thinking skills it takes to build a solid case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Specialize In

Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC personal injury attorneys have expertise in a wide range of cases, including:

If you are not sure if your personal injury falls within our expertise, please contact us. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to another Albuquerque-area lawyer who can provide the representation you need.

How to Start Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been physically injured and/or suffered emotional distress, you must take legal action immediately. Personal injury claims have a statute of limitations, and waiting can make it difficult to prove liability and/or causality between the event and your injuries.

Call Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC today to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal injury case. We will help you develop the best strategy and provide the aggressive representation you need for best outcomes. Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay legal fees if you are awarded damages.

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