How Is COVID-19 Affecting Divorce?

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How Is COVID-19 Affecting Divorce?

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Among the many other issues, the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing to the forefront, divorce is a leading concern. Many are projecting that divorce rates are bound to increase in the coming months due to the problems arising between spouses currently stuck in quarantine. While only time will tell the true impact, here are some things to keep in mind.

Issues That May Present For Quarantined Couples

It’s not likely that quarantine is going to tear apart healthy, loving relationships. However, for couples whose unions were already on the wane, this time can be increasingly stressful. Time spent in close quarters is bound to increase stress between you and your spouse and you may find yourselves sniping at each other over seemingly small matters. If you have kids, you might also find things like home schooling difficult. Children are prone to boredom, and many parents are already complaining that they’re running out of home-based activities.

Financial strife will also come into play. With many people out of work, financial issues are likely to come to the forefront of a relationship. Keep in mind that financial mistrust and disagreements are already a prime factor in many divorces, especially when one spouse has a looser definition of budgeting and saving than the other.

What You Can Do To Mitigate Quarantine Stress

Even if you ultimately decide to pursue divorce, you may still be stuck in quarantine with your soon to be ex for the time being. In this case, take steps to prepare before stay at home orders are lifted. Contact an attorney to discuss your options. Many law firms are offering video conferencing and consultations, which ensures you have access to quality legal advice.

Also, come to an agreement with your spouse. Perhaps you can relegate yourself to separate areas of the home or set up a schedule for who gets to the use living room or other communal areas. Finally, take advantage of the emerging spring weather to get outdoors. As long as you’re obeying social distancing regulations, i.e. staying at least six feet away from others, you can enjoy walks and time spent at parks.

Couples are under more stress than ever before, which can complicate decisions regarding divorce and other family law issues. As always, Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC is here to support clients throughout New Mexico by providing reliable family law solutions. We’re also offering free family law support to help those financially impacted by COVID-19. You can also contact us for more information on setting up an online consultation.


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