Sadly, the most vulnerable members of society are the ones most likely to experience abuse and neglect. Seniors, children, and people with disabilities can be mistreated by those who are supposed to protect them, including family members in many cases.

When mistreatment occurs, victims of abuse and neglect must know that someone is in their corner. Here at Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC, our family law team helps victims of abuse pursue civil remedies for their mistreatment, which can be the first step towards restoring order to their lives.

Types of Abuse

Abusers often use different tactics to inflict distress on their victims. This includes:

  • Physical Abuse – Hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, choking, and other aggressive physical acts all constitute abuse. Even when performed under the auspices of “disciplining” a child or dependent, these actions are not permitted under the law.
  • Verbal Abuse – Verbal abuse can entail threats, insults, mocking jokes, harsh criticisms, and put downs. While it doesn’t cause physical harm, verbal abuse is just as damaging to a person’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Sexual Abuse – It’s unlawful to engage in sexual contact with a minor or non-consenting person. Additionally, it’s not permissible show these individuals pornographic materials or expose them to sexual language against their will.

Abuse can also occur in other ways. Exposing a child to drug use or production is also prohibited, as is providing a child with alcohol or illicit substances. In some cases, mothers who ingest drugs while pregnant can be cited for abuse.

Understanding Neglect

Along with protecting children against harm and wrongdoing, parents and guardians must also ensure that their material needs are met. Failing to meet these needs, whether they entail food, shelter, clothing, or medical care, falls under the category of neglect. People taking care of dependents, such as seniors or disabled people, must also take care of their loved one’s basic needs or they will face legal repercussions.

What You Can Do About Abuse and Neglect

While the above actions are criminal offenses, victims can also seek remuneration in civil court. It’s true that compensation can’t change what happened, but it does allow abuse victims to receive some sense of justice about what occurred.

Roybal-Mack & Cordova, PC is proud to lend our support to victims of abuse and ensure that guilty party is punished accordingly. If you’d like more information on our firm and practice areas, please contact us. You can also call 505.832.3411 today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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